Travel Feed

We Love Texas!



TT had the honor of being one of the flag bearers for the Arizona delegation at Nationals.  Arizona sure does have a good looking flag!


100% Humidity during most of the competition.



Our accomodations were just a little bit primitive.


Especially the kitchen.  (Just kidding this is a museum in Fredricksburg, TX)


We brought our best Arizona shooters to back up the men at the Alamo - we were just a few years too late.


Somebody please teach these children about gun safety!



A perfect Independence Day - eating watermelon at the Alamo in the morning and spending time with my college buddy in the evening shooting off fireworks.


Good company to keep.


The River Walk in San Antonio.


Two old Eloy families visiting the Texas Hill Country together.  Texas will never be the same.


Lyndon B. Johnson had the same chandelier as me... They must have shopped for their home furnishings at the CO-OP too.  Mine came from Rodney's grandmother's home which looked so much like LBJ's home that it was erie.  


My presidential lamp.

I must say we really loved being in Texas!


Winter Fun

We arrived at the mountain house and found a lot of snow from that big, big, storm...


The back porch is a snow cave and the big pile is just from the driveway.  Other houses had more...


Proper snowmen have been built in the yard.  Note the neighbor's really big snowman.  They could not let the lowlanders out do them...


I really like our snowman herd - they don't have to be fed and watered twice a day.


The crew has been doing lots of skiiing and Caboodle and I have stayed at the house and knit, walked in the snowy woods, split some good chocolate and snuggled.  Yesterday on a no ski day, I took an all day sock class.  Because of time constraints the main sock parts were done and not the middles, so I have a sock for a one legged goat.  I learned so much though.  Yarn & More in Pinetop is a great place and June is a wonderful teacher.  I started a real sock for Caboodle on the needles...


The quilt was made by Rod's grandmother out of scraps from the clothes she made her children and grandchildren.