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Preirrigation Soon & A Still Life

We are getting ready to preirrigate before planting cotton.  It is one of those calm before the storm seasons in farming.  Once planting starts it is non-stop work until the cotton is laid by which is usually the beginning of July.  We are expecting a lot of bug pressure this year when our unusually green desert begins to dry out and the bugs migrate to our fields in mass.

I set up a still life to be painted.  Here is a snippet of what it looks like in the studio...

Her itagesnip 

This is the feminine companion to my Heritage painting.  It represents the other half of the story.  The nurturing, thrift, and creativity that keeps home and nation from unraveling.  Of course much artistic license will be taken as is always the case.  I am loving this vintage quilt made from feedsacks and in one of my favorite patterns.  (Dresden Plate)  I am not sure just yet, but I think this will be a watercolor.  I am trying to force myself out of my pastel comfort zone.

I get up two to three hours before the rest of the world so I can paint or draw.  Not always easy but getting easier with the longer days.  It is my best creative time and usually the phone doesn't ring and people don't come by.  The rest of the morning is dedicated to learning with the babes.  All in all not a bad gig.

It is so important to do something that makes your heart sing everyday. The consequences for not doing so are too utterly horrible to mention.  What do you do to take joy everyday?

Red Bubble Prints & Cards

In an effort to make it easier and more economical for people to have some of my art, I have teamed up with Red Bubble.  It gives a range of products and prices for each piece. I will still sell the limited edition giclees privately and they are are personally signed etc., but the prints at Red Bubble alllow a lot more affordable options.  Plus they ship internationally.

There is a Red Bubble link on the side of the blog.  Check it out - it is pretty cool.  The age we live in, I tell you what.