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Walking, Raining, Cleaning

Friday afternoon the roods pulled out of the fields and the cotton season was officially over for us.  Saturday morning we walked in the JDRF walk in Tucson.  The weather was beautiful.  The smallest member of our group did not want to wear her Big Shot shirt and was still holding a grudge for being cruelly forced to be part of the group.


On the way home it started to rain.  By the time we got back to the farm it had rained half an inch according to the "official" feed lot rain gauge.  I don't know what makes it so official but that is always what it has been called.  What a perfect end to a dry picking season.  Great timing too!

So far the Big Shots have raised $900 for juvenile diabetes.  Way to go!! 

I spent the day deep cleaning all the powdery dust from my house with help from Rodney (too wet for farm work) and the kiddos.  It is like shovelling snow while it is snowing to do it any earlier than before the first rain after picking.  Things are now spiffy and ready for the holidays.

We will be having cotton wreath classes this Friday evening and Saturday morning.  The cotton burs are prepicked as there are none left in the field but we will still do a farm tour weather permitting.  There is still alot of interesting farm stuff as the old crop is put to rest and the preparation for the next season begins.

We are very thankful that our first pick cotton ginned at 4.22 bales or 2079 pounds of lint per acre. 

Updated Creating With Cotton Schedule

Due to the popularity of our Creating With Cotton Classes we are adding a couple of extra dates to the schedule.  All of the Classes include a hayride farm tour, refreshments and all craft supplies. However, the later the date the greater the odds all of our cotton will be gone from the fields and guests will have to use the cotton that we have stockpiled instead of picking their own. 

The evening Farm Experiences are done by candle and lantern light and really have an old fashioned simple feeling.  For that matter the daytime classes are by sunshine light and that is even more old fashioned.

  • October 30th - Cotton Wreath Farm Experience 4 - 8 pm
  • October 31st- Cotton Ornaments Farm Experience 8 am - noon  (We will be making cotton angels/snowmen and poinsettias using cotton)
  • November 20th - Cotton Wreath Farm Experience 4 - 8 pm
  • November 21st - Cotton Wreath Farm Experience 8am - noon
  • November 28th - Cotton Ornaments Farm Experience 8 am - noon  (We will be making cotton angels/snowmen and poinsettias using cotton)

If you wish to reserve a spot please give us a call at 520-840-3185 or email us. Each of these classes is $25.00/person.  We accept checks or cash.  If you wish to pay by credit or debit card let us know and you can pay online through paypal.

What people are saying about the Farm Experiences

    "Thank you so much for a very enjoyable evening, even with burned fingers!  You have a wonderful operation and a family to be proud of.  Keep up the good work."  (note we have since switched to low temp glue guns)

  "Hi Tiffany! Thank you soooo much for inviting us to be a part of this. We LOVED learning all about cotton, water rights and farming in the desert. I finished my wreath yesterday and it came out so lovely. (And that's a big deal from this UNcrafty person!) Thanks again!"

   "As one of the lucky people who has been able to be a part of 'Creating With Cotton', I just wanted to give this experience 2 thumbs up! We learned so much about cotton, water and farming, not to mention the great food and beautiful craft. It was, indeed, a GREAT day at the farm! :)"

Cotton Wreath Farm Experience Friday & Saturday

We still have some spaces available for the cotton wreath classes and farm tours this weekend.

Friday's experience will begin at 4:00 pm until 8:00 ish.  The evening tour often has a beautiful sunset which bathes the  farm in rosy light.  The class is held in our old feedlot building now farm studio and gifts shop by the light of lanterns - when the evening peace settles around us it feels as though the time turned back to the beginning of the last century.  

Saturday's 8:00 am class is also great - the farm is usually bustling with activity and sunshine. 

All our experiences provide everything you need and have great refreshments.  So give us a call at 520 840-3185 or send an email to reserve your space.

Right now, our cotton pickers are working on the other farm, so the Friday and Saturday tours will not see the cotton picking.  Next week we will be back picking on this farm.  However, we will see the rood cotton harvesters (no they are not impolite) as well as all of the other parts of the operation and history. However, You will be picking cotton by hand for the wreaths.


Creating With Cotton - A Farm Experience


We will be hosting five Creating With Cotton Farm Experiences during the month of October.  Each experience will start at 8:00 am and end around noon.



Cotton wreath making will be held on October 3rd (sold out), 10th, and 24th.  Upon arrival at our farm, guests will be picking cotton and cotton burs to use in the wreaths followed by nourishing and delicious whole food refreshments.  Guests will then make their wreaths.  Once all the crafting goodness is finished guests will be taken on a private farm tour.  Weather and breakdowns permitted we will see the picking operation in progress.


On October 17th and 31st we will be making cotton snowman and angel Christmas ornaments. The itinerary will be the same as for the cotton wreath making experience.


So come relax, craft, eat, and have some cotton pickin' fun on our farm while getting ready for the holidays.  Each class has limited enrollment.  A fee of $25.00 per person includes craft making supplies, refreshments, farm tour, a mystery farm crafted gift, and patterns with extra cotton to take home.

Please go to our sign up page to reserve your spot. Classes must have a minimum of 3 participants or will be cancelled.

We also have a limited number of dates available for private creating with cotton farm experiences for a minimum of 3 guests.