Chickens & Eggs Feed

Fresh Free Range Eggs For Sale


We are now selling free range eggs from our farm.  Our happy hens roam our yard from noon until dark feeding on grass, weeds, and insects.  They also enjoy many fresh greens, fruits, sprouted beans, and vegetables from my garden as well as barley and milo from the farm.  Our Happy Eggs cost $3.00/dozen and are a mix of green and brown eggs.

If you are interested in purchasing eggs please leave us an email.


Watermelon is their summertime favorite.

The reason they only free range from noon until dark is because of coyotes who would eat them as a snack.  Daisy our guard dog goes with the Farmer every morning until noon.  When she is home she takes it upon herself to keep the girls safe.


This is their hen house where they lay their eggs and cozy up for the night.