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October 2011

Heritage News

Kevin Rogers, President of Arizona Farm Bureau presents my Heritage print to Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona.  His district encompasses lots of ranches and cotton farms.  Seems like a perfect fit.  Thanks for the support from Arizona Farm Bureau.


2011 Cotton Christmas Card in Progress

I should have been doing this in July but.... it was so not Christmasy.  However, I have found that by turning my a/c in the studio down to 63 degrees and playing Christmas music, I can focus on the Christmas season even in October.

Here is the very beginning where it is drawn and the parts I did not want colored are masked with rubbery but very handy stuff...


The background is blocked in and the rubbery stuff is still there...


The rubbery stuff is removed and about 60% of the detail is in.  There is still alot of work to be done on the cotton bolls, bale and star.  The words also have to be added...


So stay tuned - hopefully it will be finished this week with cards just in time for the holidays.


Harvest Has Begun!

We started picking this morning at 8:00.  Such a time of hard work and nervous anticipation.  The fields in front of my house are turning whiter by the hour. 


I also have a new partner in The Cotton Shedd, my daughter, Summer Grace.  She is amazingly creative and the most organized person I know.  She is bringing some new ideas with her.  We are putting the last touches on our studio this afternoon so it will be just right for this Saturday's wreath class.  As always we want our guests to be transported from the busy world and be enveloped in the simple steady rhythm of the farm.